Site Abandoned For Now

May 16th, 2012

This site is now abandoned and all activity is being conducted on from now on. 2012 has been a year of many changes in Google and we’re now struggling to figure out how to produce the best results (like everyone else, I guess). At the time of writing, there’s been some nice advances and I hope it’ll continue that way.

“std free”

June 2nd, 2009

In finding a use for this blog, I will search engine optimize it for std free. When doing a simple query at Google’s adsense keyword tool, std free came up at a Global Monthly Search Volume of 320. And this at a much lower “Advertiser Competition” than other words such as std testing and std symptoms. A first position giving 40% of the clicks should give 1 click per day. Not exaclty a golden cow.

The Prior Content of Empire STD

June 2nd, 2009
Below is the presentation of the former Empire STD, or Empire Schience and Technology Development Co. as they used to call themselves.
Empire Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd is a high- tech business specializing in the design, developing, manufacturing and marketing of a full range of intellectual visual building talking system and security alarm system. The company owns a factory above 5,000m2, five automatically producing lines of equipment, and a team up to 300 members and more than 50 experts.
The company has now succeeded in the developing of wireless video door phone system to be the first manufacturer owning this technology in the world. The product has broken off the distribution limit of the original model and has opened a new home appliance market which providing a huge market opportunity.

All products of the company have reached ISO9000, CCC and CE etc. standard. With the products in excellent quality & full variety and best service, the company has constructed a mature domestic and oversea sales distribution web and has ranked itself as one of the biggest manufacturers in security field in China.

Empire believes “no pay no gain”, insists working hard and being honest to every customer and cooperator.

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine

June 2nd, 2009

It sure is an amazing thing that they are caching the entire internet at this site web dot archive dot org. For xample this site that has been abandoned, and is now a subject for my testing. It was first a Chinese company, hence the name STD which is as you should know an abbreviation for ***, but Chinese businessmen don’t know that.

Now I have put content up on this website in order to see if it can be saved, but it doesn’t look very good since the site was abandoned, then revived by an affiliate site, just to be abandoned again and then have no content for two years. I will see in a couple of months. It’s still supposed to have 11 sites linking to it, according to Alexa.

The Alexa data says: Sites Linking In Sites Linking In: 11

Keywords on the affiliate site was:
***, United Kingdom, Government Programs, ***, ***.

Separation, ***, Politics, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***

***, ***, ***, ***, ***.

Rome Italy, Travel, Computer Notebooks, Music Download, Online Dating.

Education Online, Insurance, Credit Card, Jobs, Health And Beauty.