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It sure is an amazing thing that they are caching the entire internet at this site web dot archive dot org. For xample this site that has been abandoned, and is now a subject for my testing. It was first a Chinese company, hence the name STD which is as you should know an abbreviation for ***, but Chinese businessmen don’t know that.

Now I have put content up on this website in order to see if it can be saved, but it doesn’t look very good since the site was abandoned, then revived by an affiliate site, just to be abandoned again and then have no content for two years. I will see in a couple of months. It’s still supposed to have 11 sites linking to it, according to Alexa.

The Alexa data says: Sites Linking In Sites Linking In: 11

Keywords on the affiliate site was:
***, United Kingdom, Government Programs, ***, ***.

Separation, ***, Politics, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***

***, ***, ***, ***, ***.

Rome Italy, Travel, Computer Notebooks, Music Download, Online Dating.

Education Online, Insurance, Credit Card, Jobs, Health And Beauty.

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